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Welcome to the Isle Education Trust website. We hope that this site provides you with all the information you require regarding our Trust and that you will get a sense of the organisation we are and aspire to be. If you are interested in finding out more about Isle Education Trust please contact us.

  • South Axholme
  • Coritani
  • Epworth Primary

Leadership Team

Dave Flowitt Executive Principal, SENDCo
John Niland Associate Principal Seniors, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Jayne Davies Associate Principal Juniors
Jane Cowling Assistant Principal Seniors
Adam Walker Assistant Principal Juniors

Teaching Staff

Steve Formby Science Teacher
Manvir Dhinsa Maths Teacher
Marie Taylor Art Teacher
Sadie Simons English Teacher
Jess Marris KS2 Teacher

Support Staff

Nicky Pearson Senior Administrator
Kerrie Flowitt Pastoral Leader
Nicola Cassidy Admin Assistant
Joy Brunt Assistant Teacher
Christine Johnson Assistant Teacher
Naomi Smithdale Assistant Teacher
Marie Duranti Assistant Teacher
Nicola Devito Assistant Teacher
Krista Jarman Assistant Teacher

Student Leadership

The Student Leadership Team at Coritani  ensures that all students have a voice in the running of the Academy.   They are democratically elected each year following the same process as voting in a general election.

Hot topics and issues are regularly discussed at breaks and lunchtimes with students and these are then fed back through leaders into the Coritani Senior Leadership Team meetings.

Student leaders within the Academy take responsibility for fostering positive relationships within the Academy through mentoring and supporting other students.