What do the Students Think?

Coritani is helping with
Our future they want us to achieve and succeed
Rebecca teaches me English on a Thursday, she is nice.
I believe in myself. Our nice, lovely and clever
Teachers help us to believe in ourselves
And now I have learnt a lot at this school
Now I am happy and
I love this school and it has helped me a lot.

Sarah - Year 8

“Whilst I have been at Coritani I’ve felt like part of a community and part of a family. I have felt welcome at school for the first time in my life. Everyone has helped me build my confidence and mingle with children my own age. And to make friends with everyone here.
My Heads knows that it is time for me to leave but my heart wishes I could stay forever.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and wish everyone who comes here, and everyone who will come here in the future, the best of luck.”
Josh, Year 9, on his successful return to mainstream school.