Targeting Attendance

Excellent attendance at school has always been a key to successful examination results. Recent statistics have shown that students with attendance over 97% of the time will go on to earn on average £750,000 more in their life time than those who are classed as Persistently Absent (below 90%).

The table below outlines the difference attendance can make to the GCSE outcomes for students in year 11.

From September we have set a target of 97% attendance for all our students. This will be promoted through assemblies and form periods and students will be made aware of their current attendance and how they can improve it.

We will also be developing rewards to recognise those students who have excellent attendance. Many students achieve 100% each year which is always held in high regard when applying for the Sixth Form or future jobs.

We are looking forward to your support on this matter and if you have any questions or would like further support with you child's attendance please do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of the school attendance team.

Holiday/Absence Information
 Should my child go to School today? Information on various common illness and medicines in school0
 School Attendance and Leave of Absence in Term Time Important information regarding leave of absence in Term Time
Below the application form to request Absence during Term Time. It is in both Microsoft Word and Acrobat format. Please choose one or the other and return to Student Reception.
 Application form for leave of absence Application form to request Absence during Term Time.
 Application form for leave of absence Application form to request Absence during Term Time.