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Are you ready for the park?

Welcome to the Isle Education Trust website. We hope that this site provides you with all the information you require regarding our Trust and that you will get a sense of the organisation we are and aspire to be. If you are interested in finding out more about Isle Education Trust please contact us.

  • South Axholme
  • Coritani
  • Epworth Primary

The junior learners have been taking advantage of the weather this term by enjoying our local park. All learners have safely walked to the park using look, listen and cross on each road. The have used the equipment safely and been respectful of one another by waiting turns. Not only have these visits supported our learners' social development, it has enabled them to practice coordination, balance and strength. Several of our learners are now monkey bar masters with Bella leading the charge by completing them both forward and backwards. Staff are proud of the learners for inspiring excellence through their conduct.