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About Us

Welcome to the Isle Education Trust website. We hope that this site provides you with all the information you require regarding our Trust and that you will get a sense of the organisation we are and aspire to be. If you are interested in finding out more about Isle Education Trust please contact us.

  • South Axholme
  • Coritani
  • Epworth Primary

Ethos and Values

Our Academy works with local schools and local authorities to ensure that students who cannot thrive in a mainstream school environment have a quality educational alternative. We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to succeed by being motivated and inspired.

Our aim is to inspire students with quality education and support through the development of the Coritani Mindset, to meet their personalised learning need, make them safe and ensure that they are ready to develop into respectful members of their communities.

Objectives of the Academy

  • To provide support to students to help them re-engage and be ready for education
  • To provide a safe and inspiring environment in which students can develop into respectful adults
  • To ensure all our students have access to the same opportunities as students in mainstream schools through an inspiring, broad and balanced curriculum

Coritani Mindset

Inspire Excellence ; Safe, Respectful, Ready

At Coritani Academy everyone works collectively using the Coritani Mindset, a set of values that we have all agreed together to help us to be successful in our lives.  Coritani Mindset Inspires Excellence and encourages students to be safe, respectful, ready in all that they do.

Inspire Excellence

Excellence is an idea, a mindset, a standard, a way of being.  Be excellent in all that you do, and expect the same from others.


Make positive choices. Do the right thing. Everyone has the right to be safe. Make sure you play your part in making this happen.


Be kind, be courteous, look after everyone, make people’s lives better through your own actions.


Be on time, be prepared and be engaged with all your heart in all that you do – and thrive!